Ultimate Lunchboxes

Posted on February 13, 2018

The ultimate lunchbox food seems to change from one person to another, depending mostly on energy needs and activity over the course of the day. In an effort to help inspire some healthy and delicious lunch box ideas, whether sending the kids to school or for hubby to take to work, we have put together a list of ultimate lunchboxes perfect for your day.

The lunchbox of a rocket scientist

This is the kind of job that demands clear, logical thinking throughout the long day, as such lunch needs to focus on brain-friendly fuels, combined with all the right nutrients to keep your mind going strong.

Lunch needs to refuel your body, in this case, packed with beans and veggies, giving you the needed nutrients to get you through the rest of the day. Colourful veggies are packed with antioxidants, and hummus is always a good addition – a good source of protein along the way. Fibre and healthy fats must also be present, as a combination these additions help manage appetite and reduce cravings, stopping us from digging into sugary snacks for energy. Protein-rich seafood contains valuable nutrients to help support thyroid function, which is key for energy and keeping exhaustion at bay over the day. Oily fish, like salmon, is rich in omega-3 fats, which are important for keeping the heart and brain healthy as well, feeding into the long-term endurance of your mental capacity and power.

The lunchbox of a football player

When undertaking a lifestyle filled with intense physical activity and cardio type exercise, lunch must encompass enough extra calories to be burned accordingly, while still maintaining healthy levels within the body. The best way to meet this need is to include more energy-dense foods on high activity days as to make double sure your body has the all-important fuel it needs to perform. Living this type of lifestyle means you should be eating fish at least twice in a week, with one of those servings being oily fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines.

An intake of the right proteins is also integral to fitness and longevity. Proteins will not only fill you up but as an athlete ensures adequate nutrients for muscle repair. A salad of mixed vegetables is a great source of vitamins and minerals, however, will need an air-tight container to get through a hot day at school. Nitrate-rich veggies like beetroot are especially useful as studies suggest they help improve performance on the field thanks to its ability to increase our body’s oxygen uptake. While sugar is also a good addition it also must be the right type of sugar delivered in the right way, fizzy drinks and sweets provide easily burned energy that can leave you feeling drained.

The lunchbox of a pilot

Working irregular hours while crossing multiple time zones can take its toll on anyone flying the skies, potentially affecting both physical and mental strength and capacity over time. Keeping your wits about you is key in this type of role. Selecting a flavour-packed lunch for your ultimate lunchbox is ideal for getting through the long hauls, although a clip & seal container might be best for long flights to keep food fresh.

Lunch, including protein, energy-supplying carbs and some fresh veg is a key part of any day. Assisting in attention and alertness, these provide a pilot with the necessary fuels to keep you going throughout your flight plan. A stressful job combined with a disrupted body clock makes food choices all the more important for a pilot. Blood sugar plays a huge role here as well, keeping you awake and ready, making it important to include protein and plenty of whole grains in the lunch selection. Chicken is a reliable food for this type of mental work, low in fat and rich in minerals, including the ones that help support our immune system – often the first part of our system attacked when the body is deprived of the right energy. However, salt intake is also something to take note of, having adverse effects on many. When selecting snacks you should be sure to check labels carefully. Some options may be high in sugars, especially the ‘free sugars’, which we should all be reducing. Others, like the salt and vinegar rice cakes, may further increase salt intake which can impact the heart as well as blood systems.

With health as our goal, packing the perfect healthy and delicious lunchbox is a great way to get through the day. Whether at school or work, even university, a well-packed lunch box can give you the boost you need to focus throughout the day.

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