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The Best Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

The best lunch box ideas for kids are those that not only have fun food to eat, but also healthy food options that kids will actually want to eat. Now that the kids are back at school it’s time to get creative, creating healthy lunches that will give them the fuel they need over their busy day. If you are unsure of what to use, don’t stress, we’ve done the leg work for you. Try out these easy to create recipes for a lunchbox kids will dive into.

Sandwiches — same same, but different

Everyone knows the bleak reality of a soggy sandwich at lunch time, ruining the flavours and ruining your appetite. Why not save yourself work and your kids from the dreaded soggy sarmie? Let your kids assemble their own, the way they like it – just pack the filling and bread, wrap or roll separately for the perfect DIY kids lunch. Using the Snacka Stacka compartment lunch box, you can ensure food will be fresher than ever by the time lunch rolls around.

The anti-sandwich

Having a sandwich for lunch every day is usual, but also usually boring day after day. Switch things up with these healthy lunchbox ideas that don’t need bread to be good and wholesome. Whether a wrap or bun, or just a selection of fillers, most of the ingredients can freeze really well, so making a big batch for the week is doable. There are also options like smaller homemade pies that can be ideal for a bite during the day. From items like crumbed chicken pieces or balls, to wraps and low-fat, whole-wheat sandwiches, even chicken strips and mini pizzas, there are endless ways to put a spin on a sandwich that kids will still love.

Tasty treats, tasty…healthy treats?

These healthy lunchbox ideas for kids are guilt free, but the kids will love the treats you have given them. Not only scrumptious for them to eat, but also much healthier than the sweets they are wanting. Healthy, homemade snacks, these make lunch so much easier knowing that all food will be eaten everyday – no discovering old sandwiches in their school bags either. From wholegrain muffins to rice crispy cakes, coconut balls and gluten free cookies, these treats will be the talk of the playground.

Try the dip

If there’s one thing kid’s love, it’s dipping things in other things. Make sure those lunchboxes come back empty by including a small container of dip and some fruit, veg or even chicken strips to dip. The best thing about these healthy kids’ lunchbox ideas is that they’ll be eating their five-a-day without even realising it, making life easy for mom and dad. The Snacka Stacka lunchbox has great compartments which allow you to store the dips and treats separately.

While getting kids to eat all the right foods can be tricky at times, especially when young teens. These simple suggestions ensure your kids will finish their lunch every day, and ask from more of the same tomorrow. With a range of food and flavours to try, better stock up on lunchboxes so you can keeps kids guessing every day.