Food Storage and Hydration

  • Clip & Seal

    The perfect solution for lunch on the move, the Clip & Seal range comes in three sizes in great colours, all while being 100% airtight. Made with lunch in mind.

  • Disney Lunch Boxes

    New and exciting Disney lunch boxes & pencil cases now available by Addis. School lunches have just become a whole lot more fun.

  • 4 Side Locked

    The quality range of food storage boxes by Addis, 4 Side Locked are 100% airtight and liquid-tight, meaning your food stays fresher for longer and won’t ever spill!

  • Ovenlock

    Freezer and oven friendly, this range of glass containers is great for freezing, heating and serving meals – all in just one dish. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re built to last.

  • Addisware

    The original food storage collection from Addis. Tried and tested and a staple in many South African homes, this great range is perfect for quick and easy food storage.

4 Side Locked

These high quality food storage containers have a unique four-clip system with a high quality seal which makes them 100% air tight and water tight. This ensures supreme freshness along with ease of use – even for kids!


The original and trusted line of Addis food storage containers remains a favourite among South Africans. The iconic silver lids and clear bases make identifying food quick and easy, while they also seal in freshness.

Fresh Stuff

Enjoy your homemade food on the move with our lightweight, easy to clean food storage containers. Whether you need containers for home, office or school use – this range of containers will cater for everyday use.

Oven Lock

These incredibly durable containers, with strong clips and seals, are made from borosilicate glass, which means they can go straight from the freezer to the oven, to the table. This allows you to free up time by conveniently freezing meals and simply heating them up as required.

Clip & Seal

Forget the mess with our 100% airtight containers. Available in three sizes, these colour containers will brighten up the kitchen while excellent clarity allows you to quickly identify what is inside.

Easy Keepers

There is a secret place where certain items relocate and are never found again – socks, keys and container lids are just some examples. This won’t be a problem anymore as our Easy Keepers range allows you to clip lids and bases together for simple stacking and storage.

Kids Lunchboxes

Our bright, funky and easy to use lunchboxes were designed with kids in mind. These containers will help kids take lunch to school with ease and without mess. Added to this, our innovative IML (In mould labelling) technique allows for decorative designs to be sealed into the plastic.


Stay hydrated at all times with the variety of bottles available from Addis. From fun and practical juice bottles for kids to 800ml shakers for fitness enthusiasts, with features such as pop-up caps and flip caps to large and small necks, you can find the right bottle to suit your needs.