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Posted on January 31, 2018

Travelling is a time of excitement, of adventure and usually a time where finding the right containers can be tricky, tricky, tricky. Whether taking food on a trip, packing some snacks for the road, or simply finding efficient ways to pack up your things in containers, finding the right ways to pack can save you from hassle on both ends. With sturdy, durable and reliable items at the ready, you can set off knowing you won’t reach your destination with a boot full of debris, but rather a firmly packed, neatly stacked collection of “things you need”.

Kiddies Lunch & HydrationSnack attack

Snacks in the car are always a debate, but when taking a long road trip with the family these little extras often cannot be dodged. Stuck in the car for a few hours at a time, filler food is needed to abate the hunger over the longer stretches, not to mention it often inspires a nap or two in the back seat. Using a kid’s lunchbox or Clip & Seal container is a fantastic way to not only ensure food stays fresh over the journey, but also minimises mess in the car. With a safely secured lid, clipped on for added hold, you can give each person or child their own box of snacks – also great for minimising fights between children. With their chosen delights at their side, fastened away in a container that won’t spill, you can rest easy knowing everyone has what they need while on the road.

Pack it up

Another trusty container which really is taken everywhere you go, rough totes are the perfect sturdy container option for larger objects. A great way to pack things neatly in your car, especially when multiple small items need to be packed together, this allows for effective packing and protection for more delicate objects no longer loosely packed in the boot. Ranging in size and shape and sometimes including wheels for easy manoeuvring, these travel anywhere containers are often used for festivals, events and longer holidays in the wilderness. As such durable containers, they are often used as a “jack-of-all-trades” item. From packing box to ice box and even a chair at times, these handy helpers can be seen everywhere efficiency is needed.

Air tight is best

Going anywhere with food, whether out to a friend or on vacation, can be tricky and many times messy too. With an air-tight container at the ready not only can you keep your food fresher for longer, but you can also ensure that nothing will leak along the way. As it’s completely air-tight, a container like this can hold liquids or solids without worry. Easily packed and stacked away, these make car rides with food a joy, no worry of spills or stains. A container that can be taken anywhere, keep food fresh wherever the road may take you.

Travel anywhere containers are lifesavers in the moment. Whether large items or small, food, meals or just delicate items, these sturdy travel containers allow you to pack effectively, ensuring nothing is broken or spilt along the way.

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