• CUB Paintbrushes

    The perfect range of paintbrushes to suit any painting need. Great for large areas and most surfaces, the CUB range is your go to paintbrush.

  • Zero Loss Paintbrushes

    Zero loss means your bristles don’t get lost during painting, giving you a clean, perfect finish. And the tapered bristles are perfect for getting into corners.

Naturally Blond

This brush was designed with varnishing and woodwork in mind. The specific blend of pure blond bristle and synthetic filament allows you to get the varnish or lacquer into the hairline cracks on wooden surfaces, while providing excellent coverage on smoother sections of the surface.


If you have a mammoth painting task at hand, our CUB brushes are ready for duty. This all-round great brush offers decent paint pick-up and a good finish, while it can also handle working with all paints and surfaces. This comprehensive range even boasts large 150mm brushes.


This durable brush provides excellent value for money and can handle a range of household projects and will work with all paints and surfaces. The high percentage of soft, pure bristles, combined with advanced synthetic bristles, allows for good paint pick-up and release, ensuring a smooth finish.


Add the detail without losing that superior finish. Unlike general brushes, the no bristle loss technology means that you keep your bristles while painting and a great finish is guaranteed for the lifetime of the brush, giving you the perfect finish that lasts. The tapered filament also makes it ideal for painting near corners.


This brush is the professional painter’s choice. It boasts superior length bristles and substantial bristle density. This ensures greater surface coverage and paint pickup, while the tapered shape of the bristles gives a smoother, better finish and ensures the paint brush retains its shape.

Block Brushes

Boasting a blend of pure bristle and high-quality synthetic bristles, this brush is perfect for applying waterproofing or high-viscosity paints, and will work on walls, roofs, corrugated fibre cement and IBR sheeting. The range is available in two sizes – 120mm and 140mm, as well as blond and black bristles.

Paint Rollers

Our selection of paint rollers means you’re spoilt for choice. Our advanced tray design offers ample space to hold more paint and the ribs allow you to remove excess paint easily, while the recessed corners allow for mess free drainage of leftover paint when the job is done. From short, dense, knitted rollers for smooth surfaces to long, woven rollers for rough surfaces, you’re sure to find just the right tray set. Added to this, our unique roller end caps mean you can paint closer to corners without scuffing.