• Tables & Chairs

    Kids’ tables and chairs just got stylish. With sleek lines and modern colours, our kids’ tables and chairs are perfect for your little one’s room. Plus, the supremely practical cupholders mean no more spills.

  • Baby Products

    We know that finding time to spend quality time with your baby is hard, and that’s why we’ve developed a range of products that helps make all moments special.

  • Kids’ Lunchboxes

    Using advanced in-mould labelling technology, we’re able to customise and give you great lunch boxes with unique patterns, perfect for getting your kids excited about eating a healthy lunch to get them through the day.


Amplify fun times for your little one with plastic clams from Addis. Fill them with sand to create a sand pit in the backyard or grab the hosepipe and fill it up so they can splash about on those warm summer days.


From bath time to potty training, every moment with your baby is special. That is why Addis creates quality baby products, including baby baths, bath seats and more, so you can treasure your time together without sacrificing on quality and comfort.

Tables & Chairs

Give your child their own space to be creative. The tables also come with added pockets in the table to hold crayons, paintbrushes and even sippie cups – which means there is less chance of an unexpected spill.

Kids’ Lunchboxes

Our bright, funky and easy to use lunchboxes were designed with kids in mind. These containers will help kids take lunch to school with ease and without mess. Added to this, our innovative IML (In mould labelling) technique allows for decorative designs to be sealed into the plastic.