Intelligent Cleaning Guarantee


For over a century, Addis has been at the forefront of delivering product innovations, top-notch quality items, and unparalleled customer service. Presently, Addis takes immense pride in its standing as one of South Africa’s most renowned and reliable brands, boasting an impressive 95% brand awareness rate.

We appreciate your purchase of an Addis Intelligent Cleaning product. Rest assured that each Addis Intelligent Cleaning item undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before shipment or leaving our Cape Town manufacturing facility, ensuring it is defect-free and compliant with relevant standards. With every Addis Intelligent Cleaning product you acquire, you will be provided with a 2-year quality guarantee, as outlined in the terms and conditions below.

If your Addis product exhibits defects resulting from faulty parts or workmanship during regular domestic usage within 24 months from the initial purchase date, please either return the product to Addis or contact one of our approachable team members at 021 917 2000 to address any quality-related issues, and they will be more than happy to assist you. It’s important to note that Addis Intelligent Cleaning products are designed for residential use and not intended for industrial or
professional purposes. In the event that the product is used outside of a domestic setting or in a commercial environment, the guarantee period is limited to 3 months.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Kindly make sure to preserve your original receipt, as it is a necessary document when making a claim within the guaranteed terms. Without proof of purchase, we cannot ascertain the duration of the guarantee, so it’s crucial to keep your receipt in a secure
  2. For a refund or exchange to be processed, it’s essential that the product is returned in its entirety, including all accessories, parts, and original packaging. Any missing components will nullify the guarantee. Please be aware that the decision to grant a refund or exchange lies within the discretion of the brand, extending beyond the implied warranty provided by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
  3. Any alteration made to the cleaning tool purchased will void the guarantee.
  4. Upon receiving your floorcare item, please carefully inspect it for any damage to ensure its safety for use. If any damage is detected, we recommend promptly returning the item to Addis for an exchange. It’s important to note that the guarantee becomes invalid if products are damaged after use, so it’s advisable not to utilize a damaged product.
  5. In the event that your purchased items exhibit defects within the initial 6 months after your receipt, we will offer the options of repair, replacement, or a refund, given that the defect is substantial and not a result of misuse, normal wear and tear, or a failure to adhere to our or the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  6. In cases where the goods develop a defect after the guarantee has lapsed, we can coordinate with the manufacturer or its authorized agent to arrange for the necessary repairs. It’s important to note that no repairs will be initiated without your prior approval of a provided quotation.
  7. Addis will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage, in the event of abuse, negligence, improper usage, or accidental mishandling or care of the product.
  8. Any endeavour to repair or replace unauthorized components will result in the guarantee being invalidated. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to Addis for any service or repair needs to maintain the warranty’s validity.
  9. The guarantee on replaced products will be from the original date of purchase and not from when the date replacement was made.
  10. This guarantee does not apply to sponges, pads, consumables, and other parts subject to fair wear and tear. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Your input is crucial in our ongoing efforts to provide you with the finest shopping experience with Addis at all times. For any enquiries, please call Addis/Usabco on 011 971 2000 or contact us through our website on or email us at

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