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Magic Eraser

It Removes The Toughest Stains, Scuff Marks, Dirt & Even Crayon From Walls, Floors, Tiles, Grouting & More. to Discover The Cleaning Possibilities, Simply Dampen The Sponge & Start Scrubbing. The Powerful Water- Activated Micro- Scrubbers Reach Into The Surface Grooves & Removes More Dirt & Grime With Just Water, Than Regular Detergents & Spray Cleaners That Uses Harsh Chemicals. The Addis Magic Eraser Is Made From Melamine Foam. The Open Cell Foam Is Microporous & The Polymeric Compound Is Very Hard, So That When Used for Cleaning It Works Like Extremely Fine Sandpaper, Removing Dirt & Grime From The Tiny Grooves & Pits in The Surface Being Cleaned. Rinse, Squeeze Our Excess Water & Rub to Remove Stubborn Stains & Markings From Almost Any Hard Surface. The Foam Wears Away, Like a Pencil Eraser, Leaving Behind a Slight Residue Which Can Be Rinsed Off & Wiped Away Using The Pink Scouring Pad on The Sponge.

Barcode: 6001246334595


Length: 30mm

Width: 110mm

Height: 180mm

Made in South Africa BPA Free
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Weight 6055721482 kg
Dimensions 6059716 × 6055717 × 60528718 cm