The Addis 4 Side Locked has four clips and a silicon seal that guarantee an airtight seal keeping food fresher and tastier for longer. Our wide range of 4 Side Locked products has a solution for all your food storage needs.  Efficient stacking ensures better space utilization in your fridge, freezer or cupboard.  Choose Addis 4 Side Locked to avoid any spillage or leakages at home, school or work.   The only clip lock container made in South Africa. It’s not locked unless it’s Addis 4 Side Locked.

Get your bake on! Our range of measuring jugs, mixing bowls, non-stick bakeware and cake servers and storers make baking easier and more fun. 

When washing, mopping or soaking is the call of the day, the Addis water support team will be by your side no matter how hard the chore.

Addis has a comprehensive range of bins in all sizes.  From pedal bins to flip top bins, Addis has all your household needs covered. 

This range of stainless steel products contains bins, toilet brushes, and other bathroom accessories. These products will keep your bathroom looking elegant all year round.

Addis has your food storage needs covered with an extensive range of excellent quality containers. Addis 4 side locked keeps food fresh for longer, and because it’s 100% airtight we guarantee there will no spillages or leakages.

Contemporary design and trendy colours compliment your kitchen while offering organisation and great space saving solutions.

Addis kids are the coolest kids at school. Our range of lunch boxes, juice bottles and pencil cases come in fun, colourful styles to brighten up your school day.