• Intelligent Range

    For quick and easy cleaning with little hassle, the Intelligent Range of brooms, mops and window cleaners is ideal for those moments when life is just too busy and you need a solution to help make things easier.

  • For The Kitchen & Bathroom

    Addis has you covered. We have a brush for every surface or job.

  • Sponges

    The Addis range – featuring an extra-tough scourer, a long-lasting sponge and treated to reduce the build-up of bacteria – are just the thing to help you keep things clean around the house.


No matter how tough the job our sponges will caress your pots, pans, plates and cutlery, leaving them shiny and clean. Our unrivalled quality also ensures Addis sponges last to provide true value for money.


Ditch the dirt and soak up a mess quickly and easily with Addis cloths. Microfibre cloths will leave surfaces free of dirt while our cotton cloths are ultra-absorbent. So increase your cleaning efficiency by choosing our range of cloths.


Protect your hands while you wash up with Addis gloves. The Aloe Vera gloves provide soft protection for general cleaning while you can also choose our heavy-duty gloves for those tougher jobs.

Comfi Grip

Cleaning doesn’t have to be tough on your body. Try the Addis Comfi Grip range with ergonomically shaped handles that are equipped with soft touch grips to increase comfort and reduce fatigue. Feel and see the difference with Comfi Grip.

Feather Dusters

Get rid of the dust in those hard to reach places with our natural feather-dusters. And our quality promise means that you won’t be left cleaning up feathers after a dusting session.


Addis brooms take the effort out of sweeping by using hardwearing materials, along with metal or wooden handles, to help you push dirt and dust away. We also have hard or soft bristle brooms to cater for indoor or outdoor cleaning.

Eco Range

Cleaning has never been this good for the environment. Our Eco Range uses microfibre technology, which means you can enjoy thorough and easy cleaning from your products, without using harmful detergents.

Intelligent Range

Our innovative mops, window cleaners and a whole lot more remove the hassle from cleaning – making it quick and easy for you to get the chores done without even breaking a sweat.

Butterfly Mop

Soak up water and dirt quickly and easily thanks to the ultra-absorbent PVA sponge. Getting rid of that dirty water is simple too, just pull the lever and the sponge will squeeze together, forcing the water out and into the bucket.

Ultra Mop

An all-in-one cleaning machine, this Addis roller mop has double rollers to squeeze out excess water, while the PVA sponge is ultra-absorbent to deal with any spill. Tough dirt or spills are also no match for the attached scrubbing brush.


Mop smarter with Spritza. This incredible mop has an integrated water bottle, with an easy to use trigger on the handle so you can spray the floor as you mop, meaning you can finish up twice as fast. Not only does this increase cleaning efficiency as there is no need for a bucket, but it also uses 90% less water!

For the Home

Our selection of cleaning brushes help you deal with grime and germs so that your home is always fresh and clean.

Buckets & Basins

We will provide you with sturdy buckets in a range of sizes with features such as ergonomic handles, easy pouring spouts and wheels for easy carrying. You can also find durable basins for washing and cleaning.

Twist Mop

Give your mopping routine a twist by choosing our innovative twist mops. These twist mop provides the same reliable cleaning performance you would expect from traditional spaghetti mops, but your hands stay clean and dry due to the self-wringing feature of the mop.

Securilock Brooms

No sweeping job is too tough for these Addis brooms. Boasting double connectors where the head and handle meet for extra strength, these brooms will never let you down. Find soft and stiff versions to cater for indoor or outdoor sweeping.


You rely on your mop to clean up dirt and spills, and you can rely on Addis to provide you with quality and efficiency. Our mops are equipped with 4-core technology to ensure each strand is strong and durable, so your mop will handle everyday cleaning with ease.